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Food that talks

Boosting a future-proof food brand

Sodexo is market leader in company catering, offering a variety of food service solutions to a broad range of Belgian companies. They provide tailored menus and kitchen facilities focused around health, taste and nutritional values. Supermoon supports Sodexo on an ongoing basis with creative concepts, content creation and food photography.

Being part of an international brand, yet embedded in the local market, Supermoon supports Sodexo with both the localisation of international campaigns as well as creating communications for their Belgian client portfolio. All concepts and content are tailored to their specific target audiences: from schools, to companies and residences for seniors.

Local food heroes

Sodexo has close partnerships with a range of Belgian local food heroes, who deliver top quality produce and artisanal products, in tune with the rhythm of the seasons. This allows them to reduce their carbon footprint, support the local economy and provide fresh, tasty produce to their customers.


To showcase Sodexo’s farm-to-plate philosophy, Supermoon created photos and videos, as well as print and digital communications to launch their message across to both consumers in their restaurants as well as B2B, by integrating it into tenders.

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