We are
a rocket agency.


We connect customers and brands via relevant content, appealing designs and engaging communications campaigns. Our goal is to make your brand bigger and brighter, just like a Supermoon.

We are a core team of highly skilled advertising professionals supported by a big galaxy of handpicked freelance partners. We get the right experts on board to get the very best results for your marketing mission.

Every marketing mission has a goal
and the stars to reach for.

We explore

First think, then do. Together we define the goals of our campaigns. Where do we want to go and how do we get there?

Collaborating very closely is key to create smart campaigns and effective communications with great results. So we invest strongly in getting a profound understanding of your challenge, product and industry.

We create

Creativity, sharp messaging and high quality communications determine how you come across as a brand and company. We help you to develop the right tone of voice, visual identity and spot-on campaigns.

Whether it’s developing creative concepts, videos, brochures, company presentations, mailings or events, in order to get things done, we’re never afraid to get our hands dirty.

We connect

Get your message out there and make sure it resonates with your target audience. Through smart media planning, tailored messaging and dedicated community management we make sure your brand will reach the audiences we’re aiming for.

And of course you can always count on a transparant reporting to measure the ROI.

Meet the pilots.

Sarah De Hondt

With a strong background in advertising, content marketing, digital and PR – on agency, client and consultancy side – Sarah is responsible for marketing strategy, client service direction and project management at Supermoon.

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Adriaan Van Looy

Being Creative Director, Adriaan manages the creative concepts, content and campaigns at Supermoon, including photography, graphic design and production. Before starting off as a creative consultant Adriaan worked for 20 years in the renowned advertising networks, winning several creative awards.

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We love
to build brands.

How can you really understand a brand if you haven’t built one for yourself? That’s why we started our project Hungry for More. 

Hungry for More is an online magazine with stories about food, travel and hospitality, connecting fellow foodies, travel lovers and professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry. We present content on inspiring restaurants, hotels and regions, creative chefs and people who are passionate about artisanal products. 

Ready to launch
your marketing mission together?