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NUI Poké

Fresh, healthy and tasty rice bowls

Creating a local poké restaurant brand

Fresh designs for flavourful food

Poké restaurants and take-away shops are truly trending. But oddly, they seem to be only found in big cities, not smaller towns. Seeking to create a healthy and tasty alternative for the classic fast food and takeaway offering, our client decided to open its first poké restaurant in Kapellen, followed by a second branch in Lier. Supermoon was involved in the branding of this new poké restaurant concept.

Branding & communications

First, we came up with the name NUI Poké, which means ‘big’, ‘much’ or ‘many’ in the Hawaiian language. ‘Aloha Nui Loa’ means lots of love, and that’s exactly what consumers need to feel at this new restaurant venue. Next, we developed a brand book and a variety of restaurant communications including designs for the menu, posters, business cards, bags, stickers and so on. We were also responsible for the food styling and photography.

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