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Stad Hoogstraten

City marketing & brand development

Defining the city's identity and marketing plan

The city of Hoogstraten has many assets: like beautiful nature, world-famous strawberries, and cultural heritage. To streamline its positioning and communications, the city sought to develop an endorsed brand identity and a citymarketing plan.

As the first step our partner agency CityD-WES conducted desk research, a series of interviews and participatory workshops with residents and stakeholders. Based on this research, a brand identity and strategy was developed by Supermoon.

A living brand

After reaching a consensus on the positioning, a baseline and visual identity were developed. Supermoon also created a range of creative city marketing initiatives to engage and appeal to the target audiences: residents, companies and visitors. All these ideas were collected in a coherent city marketing strategy and implementation plan. Renewed brand identity was roll-out, followed by a series of campaigns.

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