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For the city of Eeklo, Supermoon – in collaboration with research agency CityD-WES – developed a city marketing project with the goal of creating a shared vision around the identity of Eeklo via stakeholder participation, shaping its brand essence and positioning, and implementing a city marketing plan to promote the city.


Together with numerous stakeholders, we mapped out the strengths, opportunities, and areas for improvement for the city of Eeklo. Residents, entrepreneurs, policymakers and staff, associations, visitors, and representatives from organisations in tourism, education, social work, care, and urban development participated in online surveys, workshops, and interviews.


All of this led to the positioning of Eeklo as a city in motion and a city that moves you. Supermoon translated this vision into a clear manifesto to powerfully convey what the city stands for and aims to achieve. The city film – for which Supermoon provided the concept, script, and creative direction, while Watch Me Productions handled the camera work and editing – dynamically presents all of this to the public.

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For a city that moves you, a more extensive and refreshed visual identity and brand book are essential. Supermoon reworked the logo, developed a new colour palette, an adapted typography, and a layout system.

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Ambassador Campaign

There is no better way to make people proud of their city, involving and connecting them, than by having various Eeklo residents, entrepreneurs and organisations tell their stories as ambassadors.


Since Eeklo, as the ‘Herbakkersstad’, has many ‘bright minds,’ this became the starting point in the communication campaign that Supermoon developed. Through content creation in video, photo, and text, supported by an appropriate symbol referring to the legend and famous painting of the Herbakker, Eeklo residents are invited to highlight the city’s strengths and (hidden) stories.


Supermoon developed the concept, key visual, flyers, pins, flags, posters, and a street installation to bring the campaign to life. Additionally, we supported the city with communication advice and marketing consultancy.

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