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Commandery Gruitrode

A new visual identity blending heritage and contemporary design

Branding: creative concept & graphic design

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A new visual identity

The Commandery Gruitrode is being completely restored and will reopen its doors as a multifunctional visitor centre. This beautiful historical site in Oudsbergen is ready to become one of the region’s top destinations.


In light of the reopening of the Commandery, Supermoon was selected to develop a new corporate identity that values the site’s historical significance, while also being modern and appealing to visitors. Not only the characteristics of the site and the Commandery’s role as a gateway to Hoge Kempen National Park were taken into account, but also the fact that the branding for both the Commandery and its bistro, should seamlessly match the atmosphere of its surroundings.

Supermoon branding Commandery Gruitrode
Supermoon branding Commandery Gruitrode
Supermoon branding Commandery Gruitrode posters

Branding and communications

For the logo, Supermoon took inspiration from the building’s floor plan. Next, a powerful colour palette was created, reflecting the warm hues of bricks, the serene beauty of water, and the relationship with the region’s typical dunes.


By developing clear corporate identity guidelines, we succeeded in creating a manageable and coherent layout system that reinforces the brand experience.


The brand guide therefore includes visualisations for various communications channels, such as brochures, posters and on-site communications for the Commandery as well as menus, social media content and uniforms for its bistro.

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