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Beleef Boom

Developing an attractive brand identity with a matching look & feel and city marketing plan.

Supermoon developed a city marketing plan for the municipality of Boom, which was immediately put into action through different creative campaigns. Under the umbrella of #BeleefBoom and the proposition ‘Boom brings people together,’ we aimed to put the municipality in the spotlights and promote a sense of connectedness and positivity amongst all residents.

This campaign was characterised by its colourful style, featuring an iconographic representation of the many exciting things Boom has to offer. You can spot the stickers, flags, flyers, and banners throughout the streets of  the town centre.

Beleef Boom!

We took our grand plans literally in this campaign, creating a giant beach chair, a totem, and an XL shopping bag where residents, visitors, and entrepreneurs could share all their ideas for a vibrant Boom.


Online, we also created a hub for information and interaction with the website Ambassadors of Boom share their inspiring stories and tips on what to do in the area.

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