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Defining an attractive brand identity and city marketing initiatives

Zemst is a town with a very interesting location between the cities of Antwerp, Mechelen and Brussels. People love it for its peace and quiet, as well as for its warm and welcoming atmosphere and events. Zemst decided to clarify its positioning and optimise its communications by developing an attractive brand identity with a matching look & feel and city marketing plan.

In collaboration with CityD-Wes, Supermoon developed a brand identity and strategy. For this, Supermoon relied on the research conducted by CityD-Wes, consisting of desk research, interviews and workshops with residents and stakeholders. Together with the local policy plan, the strategy has been put into practice, meeting the residents, companies and policymakers’ goals.

Ambitious and beloved

To visualize Zemst’s ambitious and innovative style, a new logo was developed, based on the principles of dynamic branding. All stakeholders played a role in the creation of the logo. Together, they form the identity of Zemst. Besides a logo, we also developed a look & feel and a brand guide. Supermoon also proposed a variety of city marketing actions to connect with local residents, companies and visitors in Zemst.

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