- Vlotter

Cheers to the rebranding of Vlotter beer!

Here’s to a successful new project. This time we might just literally  make a toast, since we’re happy to share the results of the rebranding we did for Vlotter beer. Renowned in their region when in comes to supporting people experiencing difficulties findingsuitable steady employment, the organisation launched their own sustainable beer. 

Perfect to enjoy in their restaurants and to order online via www.bazarlocal.be, it also makes the ideal marketing tool or business gift, with the Vlotter team  offering  a matching wooden neck hanger. 

For this tasty Vlotter project, Supermoon took care of the creative concept, the design of the labels and gift packaging, and photography of the final result.  The design evokes the rich history of brickworks in the area and the sustainability goals of this social organisation. 


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