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ICT Safety Collective

The ICT systems at the University of Antwerp are used by a huge number of students, researchers, professors and the administrative, logistic staff. Many of them exchange confidential information—such as financial records, research data and so on—via all kinds of digital channels, often working remotely. However most of them are not aware enough of the potential risks and disastrous consequences of viruses and digital attacks.

Supermoon created a campaign to create awareness about ICT security. The ‘ICT Safety Collective’ was thus brought into existence. This team of trustworthy hackers presented expert tips and tricks on how to protect your computer, data and the University’s networks against common threats like phishing, malware and theft. This approach made it possible to create awareness and to stimulate a change of habits and behaviour at the same time.

Awareness ICT safety University of Antwerp

Tips & tricks from the ICT Safety Collective

‘How and why to use a password manager’, ‘How to encrypt data’, ‘How to make back-ups’… A broad range of topics were addressed via internal newsletters, their intranet, digital screens in the University’s entry hall and a printed magazine. Supermoon took charge of the creative concept, graphic design and copy-writing for this campaign.

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