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The Best Chef

The Best Chef is a new concept born in 2015. It presents the world of Haute Cuisine through digital and social marketing platforms, positioning and establishing itself in the digital world as one of the first platforms dedicated to serving only the greatest of chefs. The Best Chef’s strategy and its close contact with followers have resulted in more than 1.2 million social media followers.

With the launch of “Chef’s Secret”, Supermoon has supported The Best Chef with content creation. We create reportages on the best chefs in the world, granting the audience a peek behind the scenes and insight into their personal stories. On top of that, Supermoon is responsible for the Benelux and international media relations of The Best Chef, providing the local teams with strategic advice and press releases in multiple languages.

The Best Chef Awards – Barcelona 2019

For the latest edition of The Best Chef Awards in Barcelona, Supermoon created the look and feel for the three events that had been organised: The Best Chef Awards, Area Talks and Food Meets Science. Each event had its own style and approach, yet together they consistently reflected the brand of The Best Chef. From the key visual, we derived all event communications, such as roll-up, programmes, badges, slides, backdrops, and so on.

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