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- Newton Law

Experts in corporate & commercial law

With expertise in providing legal advice, contracting, negotiations, and conflict management in Belgium and abroad, Newton Law aims to provide the strength necessary to protect and support their clients’ business growth. They’re experts in corporate and commercial law, M&A transactions, IP, ICT and data protection.

Supermoon came up with the brand name, a reference to Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of motion, as Newton Law is likewise an external force, providing added value for the legal side of today’s businesses, helping them set up, protect, and enhance the value they create. Besides a brand name, we also developed a visual identity with a logo, icons and a colour scheme.

A dynamic legal brand

To emphasise Newton Law’s dynamic approach, Supermoon developed a hero video showcasing the ‘We Are Newton’ philosophy. We also brought the brand to life through various communications tools such as a website, stationery, roll-ups and a postcard.

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