Photography cocktail, MVSA Cocktail Corner by Supermoon

- MVSA Cava


With ‘The Perfect Excvse’, MVSA Cava wants to inspire you to live in the moment like the five modern Muses of Dance, Conversation, Femininity, Passion and Celebration. This vibrant and popular cava brand is all about encouraging women to celebrate the little things in life.

To connect with its target audience, MVSA Cava is active on Instagram and Facebook, where they share engaging and aspirational content. Supermoon manages the MVSA community on social media and is MVSA’s partner for content creation, copywriting, food & deco styling, photography and influencer relations.

Photo cocktail MVSA Cocktail Corner by Supermoon

MVSA Cocktail Corner

To create alternative consumption moments, MVSA Cava has launched a cocktail corner with a series of easy and tasty recipes. Supermoon oversaw the development of these cocktail recipes, the copywriting for a recipe book, and the styling and photography for the cocktails on the website and social media.

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