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Timeless and fashionable
diamond design

Diamonds only reserved for traditional jewellery and the happy few? That’s exactly what Diamanti Per Tutti wants to change. Based in Antwerp and expanding rapidly in Asia, Diamanti Per Tutti is a contemporary jewellery brand which makes timeless diamonds fashionable, fun and accessible. A strong brand needs a clear and powerful brand identity and a smart marketing plan, so that’s where Supermoon supported Diamanti Per Tutti.

First we revised the logo and brand colours to match the look and feel with the philosophy the brand stands for. An extensive style guide was developed, containing guidelines for print and digital design, which became the basis for the redesign of the stores which was done by the renowned design company Vudafieri. The visual identity was also applied to the website, the company presentation, instore and outdoor communications and packaging.

Picture perfect

Every collection or events like Mother’s Day, weddings, festivals and so on, are captured with both a jewellery and lifestyle photoshoot. Supermoon provided Diamanti Per Tutti with the photography for their social and digital channels.

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