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- Botanic Antwerp

Creating awareness for the opening of a luxury hotel

In autumn 2020, Antwerp will celebrate the opening of its most exclusive, unique and luxurious hotel: Botanic Antwerp. Located in the former conference centre and hotel of the Elzenveld site and next to the Botanical Garden, it’s one of Antwerp’s finest historical locations. To create awareness for the upcoming opening of the hotel, we’ve developed the concept of ‘Botanic outside in’. The facade of the building was transformed in a creative and surprising decor with lots of stopping power for passers-by.

The Botanical Garden, as well as a variety of scenes that one could imagine taking place in the unique setting of this beautiful hotel, were brought in and onto the building via personalised illustrations. Every scene was first drawn by our illustrator to create the dreamy, chic, high-quality atmosphere that reflects the identity of the hotel and its location. These black and white drawings were then finalised in colour. For the production, a combination of dibond window panels, outdoor wall stickers and banners were used, in order to ensure durable, weather-resistant designs.

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