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The Human Fit

For more than 20 years, 3W has been helping companies which are undergoing change. If there is one thing they’ve learned, it is that driving change is all about building trust in organisations and sparking human connections with their leaders. This happens when 3W finds the perfect match between the DNA of the candidate and the culture of a company.

Supermoon turned the company’s philosophy into a brand ID, which resulted in the baseline ‘the human fit’. Next, we created a look & feel and visual scheme tailored to 3W’s renewed positioning. These elements became the basis for a revamp of their website and brand presentation.

Testimonials 3W

Authentic stories supporting 3W’s brand ID

There’s more to a brand’s identity than just an attractive design and convincing brand positioning. It’s essential to put the theory into practice as well. That’s why we created a series of testimonials from experienced management professionals who collaborate with 3W, acting as their brand ambassadors. Supermoon took care of the creative concept, photography and content creation for this campaign.

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